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Slogan: Pay for Sure Win Soccer Tips

Site Info: Tipster

Rating: VERY LOW

Scam/Fraud?: SCAM

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With no track record of providing real tips and the winrate highly manipulated, this site smells scam.

User Opinions

Hai 2018-01-29 Commented on

Such a horrible experience I have with Completely, cheaters, you are the complete fraud. Your disgusting tips have no value. Don\'t subscribe its services guys. Not a single winning tip you will find here.

Toby 2017-11-17 Commented on

Not a single win tips you will get here. I am explaining these things as per my personal experience. Avoid this spammed site. Here you only pay to get wrong tips from your pocket and in return, you will get nothing. The disgusting site as well as disgusting tips.

Jaxon 2017-09-05 Commented on

I am a true fan of soccer betting. I belong to Malaysia, I tried my fortune in this soccer betting site by spending $500 I purchased the odds. You can't believe they have no use just fake odds. I completely broke off very disgusting site, no guidance no MONEY returns. SPAMMERS!

Ezra Wanyoike 2017-03-24 Commented on

Can you give me one correct bet to prove you are genuine. Because you gave me too many lose tips. I though you are scammer

daniel 2016-11-01 Commented on

this is fXXk scam website